Table of contents

  1. Donatilla Mukamana, Lisa Lopez Levers, Kenya Johns, Darius Gishoma, Yvonne Kayiteshonga, Achour Ait Mohand
  2. Fátima G. Rodríguez-Cuevas, Sarah J. Hartman, Mercedes Aguerrebere, Daniel Palazuelos
  3. Eszter Kovacs, Mariann Tandari-Kovacs, Anna Kozak
  4. Trang Nguyen, Tuan Tran, Ha Tran, Thach Tran, Jane Fisher
  5. Gabriel Ivbijaro, Lucja Kolkiewicz, Isatou N. S. N’jie, Yaccub Enum
  6. Lisa López Levers, Fabian J. Rivera Amador, Life Mashumba
  7. Jill Murphy, Vu Cong Nguyen, Leena Chau, John O’Neil, Nguyen Van Hoi, Harry Minas
  8. Roger M. K. Ng, Tsz Fung Chan, Greg Shields, Mariana Pinto da Costa
  9. Rebecca Jopling, Joyce P. Yang, Susan Meffert, Monika Müller, Primrose C. Nyamayaro, Melanie Abas
  10. Milka Waruguru, Joyce Kingori, Douglas Lackey, Johnson Musomi, John G. Ngugi, Samuel O. Okpaku
  11. Michael Jae Song, Katarina Tabi, Michael Krausz
  12. David M. Ndetei, Christine W. Musyimi, Victoria N. Mutiso, Ruth W. Ruhara, Elina Boycheva, Isaiah Gitonga
  13. Mercedes Aguerrebere, Fátima G. Rodríguez-Cuevas, Hugo Flores, Jafet Arrieta, Giuseppe Raviola
  14. David M. Ndetei, Victoria N. Mutiso, Christine W. Musyimi, Darius N. Nyamai
  15. Christine W. Musyimi, Yihuan Lai, Victoria N. Mutiso, David Ndetei
  16. Mariana Pinto da Costa, Rhiannon Foster, Steven Gillard, Stefan Priebe

About this book


Over the course of the last decade, political and mental entities at large have embraced global mental health: the idea that psychiatric health is vital to improved quality of life.  Physicians globally have implemented guidelines recommended by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) in 2007, thereby breaking down barriers to care and improving quality of life in areas where these practices have been implemented.  Programs for training and education have expanded as a result.  Clinicians benefit more from both local resources in some regions as well as in international collaboration and technological advancements. 

Even amidst all of these positive outcomes, clinicians still face some stumbling blocks.  With worldwide statistics estimating that 450 million people struggle with mental, neuropsychiatric, and neurological disorders—25 percent of the world’s non-communicable disease burden—rising to these challenges prove to be no small feat, even in wealthy Western nations.  

Various articles and books have been published on global mental health, but few of them thoroughly cover the clinical, research, innovative, and social implications as they pertain to psychiatry; often, only one of these aspects is covered.  A comprehensive text that can keep pace with the rapidly evolving literature grows more and more valuable each day as clinicians struggle to piece together the changes around the world that leave open the possibility for improved outcomes in care.

This book seeks to boldly rectify this situation by identifying innovative models of service delivery, training, education, research funding, and payment systems that have proven to be exemplary in implementation and scalability or have potential for scalability.  Chapters describe specific barriers and challenges, illuminating effective strategies for improved outcomes.

This text is the first peer-reviewed resource to gather prestigious physicians in global mental health from around the world and disseminate their expertise in the medical community at large in a format that is updateable, making it a truly cutting-edge resource in a world constantly changed by medical, scientific, and technological advances.

Innovations in Global Mental Health is the ultimate resource for psychiatrists, psychologists, primary care physicians, hospitalists, policy makers, and all medical professionals at the forefront of global mental health and its implications for the future.


Immigration and refugee services Youths in developing regions Community mental health programs Payment systems Geriatric psychiatry

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  • Samuel O. Okpaku
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  1. 1.Department of PsychiatryCenter for Health, Culture and Society, George Washington UniversityNashville, WashingtonUSA

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