Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xix
  2. Biochemistry of Aerobic Degradation of Hydrocarbons

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Valentina N. Khmelenina, J. Colin Murrell, Thomas J. Smith, Yuri A. Trotsenko
      Pages 73-97
    3. Tim Nichol, J. Colin Murrell, Thomas J. Smith
      Pages 99-115
    4. Renata Moreno, Fernando Rojo
      Pages 117-142
    5. Ryouichi Fukuda, Akinori Ohta
      Pages 143-156
    6. D. Pérez-Pantoja, B. González, Dietmar H. Pieper
      Pages 157-200
    7. Katrin Müller, Toni Mingers, V. Haskamp, Dieter Jahn, Martina Jahn
      Pages 201-228
  3. Biochemistry of Aerobic Degradation of Lipids

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 229-229
    2. Diana X. Sahonero-Canavesi, Isabel M. López-Lara, Otto Geiger
      Pages 231-254
    3. Filip Kovacic, Nikolina Babic, Ulrich Krauss, Karl-Erich Jaeger
      Pages 255-289
    4. Lorena Jimenez-Diaz, Antonio Caballero, Ana Segura
      Pages 291-313
    5. Beatriz Galán, Julia García-Fernández, Carmen Felpeto-Santero, Lorena Fernández-Cabezón, José L. García
      Pages 315-336
    6. Dietmar H. Pieper, B. González, B. Cámara, D. Pérez-Pantoja, W. Reineke
      Pages 337-366
    7. Piia Kokkonen, Tana Koudelakova, Radka Chaloupkova, Lukas Daniel, Zbynek Prokop, Jiri Damborsky
      Pages 367-387
    8. Rich Boden, Lee P. Hutt
      Pages 421-463
    9. Rich Boden, Lee P. Hutt
      Pages 465-491

About this book


This book describes the biochemistry and genetics of aerobic degradation of hydrocarbons and lipids by bacteria and yeasts, as well as the functional genomics of the best-known microorganisms involved in these processes. It forms part of the Handbook of Hydrocarbon and Lipid Microbiology Series, a definitive resource of current knowledge on the diverse aspects of the interactions of microbes with hydrocarbons and lipids. Chapters are mainly focused on the new discoveries of recent years. It is aimed to scientists and others interested in different aspects of the microbiology of hydrocarbons.


Biodegradation Hydrocarbons Bacteria Yeasts Alkanes Gasoline Aromatic hydrocarbons Degradation of lipids Fatty acids

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  • Fernando Rojo
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  1. 1.Centro Nacional de BiotecnologíaCSICMadridSpain

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Fernando Rojo studied biochemistry and molecular biology and obtained his Ph.D. degree at the Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain. He undertook postdoctoral training at the Department of Medical Biochemistry of the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and at the Center of Molecular Biology “Severo Ochoa” (CBMSO-CSIC), Madrid, Spain. His work has been devoted to the analysis and modification of bacterial pathways for the degradation of hydrocarbons and toxic compounds and to the elucidation of molecular mechanisms of gene expression in bacteria. During the last 20 years, his research group has been focused on the analysis of the global regulation networks that allow coordinating metabolism in pseudomonads. He has published over 130 papers in international journals. He is currently Research Professor of CSIC and Director of the National Centre of Biotechnology (CNB-CSIC).

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