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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. Jerry McCauley
    Pages 1-23
  3. Saifullah N. Kazi, Debbie Valsan, Robert Schoepe, Keith Superdock
    Pages 25-38
  4. Pooja Singh, George Francos, Jerry McCauley
    Pages 39-59
  5. Linda S. Wright
    Pages 61-71
  6. Ahmad Safra, Carlo Gerardo B. Ramirez
    Pages 73-80
  7. Cataldo Doria, Lauren Margetich
    Pages 91-100
  8. Guillaume S. Chevrollier, Kasi McCune, Ashesh P. Shah
    Pages 101-121
  9. Pooja Singh, Jerry McCauley
    Pages 123-138
  10. George Hsu, Yoogoo Kang
    Pages 139-145
  11. Adam Mathias Frank, Ryan Cotto
    Pages 147-166
  12. Linda Wright, Pooja Singh
    Pages 167-176
  13. Carlo Gerardo B. Ramirez
    Pages 197-203
  14. Anju Yadav, Rakesh Gulati
    Pages 205-220
  15. John G. Lunz III
    Pages 221-230
  16. Kathleen A. Jones, Ashley Windham, Arundhati Rao
    Pages 231-248
  17. Christopher G. Roth, Daniel J. Mizrahi, Laurence Needleman
    Pages 249-291
  18. Maria P. Martinez Cantarin, Jerry McCauley
    Pages 293-306
  19. Puja Nambiar, Randi Silibovsky, Katherine A. Belden
    Pages 307-327
  20. Maria P. Martinez Cantarin, Jerry McCauley
    Pages 335-341
  21. Hector C. Ramos, Jerry McCauley
    Pages 343-353
  22. Sonia I. McCauley, Jerry McCauley
    Pages 355-368
  23. Heron D. Baumgarten, Steven P. Dunn, Sara K. Rasmussen
    Pages 369-378
  24. Lisa A. Coscia, Dawn Armenti, Serban Constantinescu, Michael J. Moritz
    Pages 379-396
  25. Edward Y. Zavala, Makenzie M. Cook
    Pages 397-416
  26. Maria McCall, Linda S. Wright
    Pages 417-428
  27. Back Matter
    Pages 429-437

About this book


This book provides a comprehensive guide to successful kidney transplantation in the highly regulated environment of today. It covers the history of kidney transplant to highlight innovations that have made kidney transplantation so successful as well as the new deceased donor kidney allocation strategy and postulates what types of changes might occur with this new policy. The book highlights special areas of nephrology concern in kidney transplantation, especially diseases likely to recur following transplant. It deals with many of the medications used in kidney transplantation including different commonly used antirejection protocols. It also provides a complete reference on the various operations involved in kidney transplantation. The text includes detailed pictures and surgical technique sections on cadaveric kidney transplantation and living kidney transplantation. It includes information on living kidney donation surgery with a chapter dedicated to the minimally invasive techniques that have been popularized in the last fifteen years. Some coverage on open living kidney donation is presented. Included in this section is discussions of how to handle certain operative challenges like severe atherosclerosis, venous sclerosis and various urinary system aberrancies.

Comprehensive coverage of common surgical complications is presented including management of urinary strictures, urinary leaks, lymphoceles, vascular problems following transplant, and what steps shoul

d be taken when an early kidney transplant biopsy is necessary. It also covers in detail what is required for maintenance of health after kidney transplantation including the major risks for graft loss as well as what disease processes kidney transplant patients are particularly vulnerable to.


Donor Nephrectomy Endarterectomy Organ Procurement Transplant Immunosuppression UNOS

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  • Carlo Gerardo B. Ramirez
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  • Jerry McCauley
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  1. 1.Transplant Surgery, Sidney Kimmel Medical CollegeThomas Jefferson University HospitalPhiladelphiaUSA
  2. 2.Division of Nephrology, Sidney Kimmel Medical CollegeThomas Jefferson UniversityPhiladelphiaUSA

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