Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xx
  2. Boris S. Kerner
    Pages 21-77
  3. Nathan H. Gartner, Chronis Stamatiadis
    Pages 131-165
  4. Andreas Hegyi, Tom Bellemans, Bart De Schutter
    Pages 167-193
  5. Boris S. Kerner
    Pages 195-283
  6. Boris S. Kerner, Sergey L. Klenov
    Pages 285-312
  7. Junfang Tian, Chenqiang Zhu, Rui Jiang
    Pages 313-342
  8. Boris S. Kerner
    Pages 387-500
  9. H. Rehborn, Sergey L. Klenov, M. Koller
    Pages 501-557
  10. Ihor Lubashevsky, Kaito Morimura
    Pages 559-592
  11. Konstadinos G. Goulias
    Pages 613-648
  12. Mohcine Chraibi, Antoine Tordeux, Andreas Schadschneider, Armin Seyfried
    Pages 649-669
  13. Maik Boltes, Jun Zhang, Antoine Tordeux, Andreas Schadschneider, Armin Seyfried
    Pages 671-699
  14. Banavar Sridhar, Kapil Sheth
    Pages 741-752
  15. Back Matter
    Pages 753-763

About this book


This volume in the Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science (ECSS) covers such fascinating and practical topics as (i) Vehicular traffic flow theory, (ii) Studies of real field traffic data, (iii) Complex phenomena of self-organization in vehicular traffic, (iv) Effect of automatic driving (self-driving vehicles) on traffic flow, v) Complex dynamics of city traffic, (vi) Dynamic control and optimization of traffic and transportation networks, including dynamic traffic assignment in the network, (vii) Pedestrian traffic, (viii) Evacuation scenarios, and (ix) Network characteristics of air control. Review articles are written by international experts covering the diverse and complex dynamics of traffic management. Topics new to the Second Edition of ECSS include microscopic traffic flow models, self-driving, complex dynamics of bus, tram and elevator delays, and breakdown minimization.


Stochastic highway capacity Traffic breakdown and congestion in traffic networks Dynamic control and optimization of traffic networks Effect of self-driving vehicles on traffic Pedestrian, Crowd and Evacuation Dynamics

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  • Boris S.┬áKerner
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  1. 1.Physics of Transport and TrafficUniversity Duisburg-EssenDuisburgGermany

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