Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages 1-34
  2. Muneeb Ahmed, Beenish Tasawwar, S. Nahum Goldberg
    Pages 1-19
  3. Mohammad Hjouj, Boris Rubinsky
    Pages 21-36
  4. Meghan G. Lubner, J. Louis Hinshaw, Chris L. Brace, Fred T. Lee Jr.
    Pages 61-78
  5. M. Raphael Pfeffer, Tatiana Rabin, Yael Inbar, Arik Hananel, Raphael Catane
    Pages 79-99
  6. Ahsun Riaz, Khairuddin Memon, Robert J. Lewandowski, Riad Salem
    Pages 101-113
  7. Erik N. K. Cressman
    Pages 115-135
  8. Mary Fischer, Alan Kotin
    Pages 147-165
  9. Derek Tessier
    Pages 167-177
  10. Jeffrey Berman, Yuman Fong
    Pages 201-213
  11. Luigi Solbiati, Tania Tondolo
    Pages 215-230
  12. Servet Tatli, Stuart G. Silverman
    Pages 239-265
  13. Liang Ping, Yu Jie
    Pages 303-316
  14. Khairuddin Memon, Ahsun Riaz, Robert J. Lewandowski, Riad Salem
    Pages 327-338
  15. Riccardo Lencioni, Laura Crocetti
    Pages 339-343
  16. Gabriel Schnickel, Henrik Petrowsky
    Pages 345-361
  17. Brian D. Kavanagh, Tracey E. Schefter
    Pages 373-381
  18. Rajan K. Gupta, Gerald Dodd III
    Pages 383-404
  19. Ronald S. Winokur, Daniel B. Brown
    Pages 405-425
  20. Laleh G. Melstrom, Yuman Fong
    Pages 427-440
  21. Seza A. Gulec, Tushar C. Barot
    Pages 441-454
  22. Martin Fuss, Anna Simeonova, Samuel Ryu
    Pages 455-467
  23. Yasuaki Arai
    Pages 481-490
  24. Michael J. Hutchinson, Paul B. Shyn, Stuart G. Silverman
    Pages 491-503
  25. Thomas J. Vogl, Alexandra Jost, Mohamed Nabil, Martin G. Mack
    Pages 505-513
  26. Edward Wolfgang Lee, Daphne Wong, Stephen T. Kee
    Pages 515-522
  27. Wadyslaw M. W. Gedroyc, Elizabeth A. Dick
    Pages 523-533
  28. Kien Vuu, Antonio Gutierrez, Fereidoun Abtin, Christopher Lee, Robert Suh
    Pages 535-558
  29. Bernard J. Park
    Pages 569-584
  30. Farzan Siddiqui, Indrin J. Chetty, Munther Ajlouni, Benjamin Movsas
    Pages 585-606
  31. Corey J. Langer, Jared Weiss
    Pages 607-616
  32. Matthew Callstrom
    Pages 631-642
  33. Anne Smith Hutchison, Jordan Berlin
    Pages 643-652
  34. Ronit Machtinger, Fiona M. Fennessy, Mark D. Hurwitz
    Pages 653-663
  35. Peter Osborn, David J. Breen
    Pages 665-677
  36. Thomas D. Atwell, Matthew Callstrom
    Pages 679-688
  37. Ying Li, Gregory P. Swanson, Chul S. Ha
    Pages 689-697
  38. Jonathan A. Coleman, Paul Russo
    Pages 699-711

About this book


Image-Guided Cancer Therapy: A Multidisciplinary Approach provides clinicians with in-depth coverage of the growing, dynamic field of interventional oncology.  Combining the knowledge of  expert editors and authors into one powerhouse reference, this book looks at  tumor ablation, HIFU, embolic therapies, emerging technologies, and radiation therapy throughout the body (liver, bone, breast, gynecologic  and prostate cancers, to name just a few) , and includes discussion of different imaging modalities.  In the words of Peter Mueller, MD, author of the book’s Foreword:


“… The senior authors are all world renowned experts in interventional oncology, which is another example of the high quality authorship and experience that is brought to this book.  The later chapters discuss therapies that are simply not covered in any other source.  Everyone who is doing or wants to do ablation therapies and interventional oncology will face a time when they will be asked to use their expertise in less used and less investigated areas.  There is nowhere else where the reader can get information on the prostate, breast, and gynecologic areas, and especially pediatrics….This book is an outstanding contribution to the literature and will become a ‘must read’ for all physicians who are interested in Interventional Oncology.”


Angiography Cancer Management Cancer Treatment Embolization Interventional Neuroradiology Interventional Oncology Interventional Radiology Office-Based Oncology Procedures Radiofrequency Ablation Recurrent Malignancy Tumor Ablation Vertebroplasty

Editors and affiliations

  • Damian E. Dupuy
    • 1
  • Yuman Fong
    • 2
  • William N. McMullen
    • 3
  1. 1.The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown UniversityDepartment of Diagnostic Imaging Rhode Island HospitalProvidenceUSA
  2. 2.Department of Surgery and Radiology Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer CenterNew YorkUSA
  3. 3.McMullen Consulting, LLCSurpriseUSA

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