Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Neural Lipids

  3. Cellular and Subcellular Localization of Neural Lipids

    1. L. Corazzi, R. Roberti
      Pages 199-221
    2. S. N. Fewou, N. Jackman, G. van Meer, R. Bansal, S. E. Pfeiffer
      Pages 239-265
  4. Function of Neural Lipids

    1. G. D’Angelo, M. Vicinanza, A. Di Campli, M. A. De Matteis
      Pages 269-288
    2. G. Goracci, M. L. Balestrieri, V. Nardicchi
      Pages 311-352
    3. N. N. Nalivaeva, A. J. Turner
      Pages 353-372
  5. Diet, Brain Lipids and Brain Functions

    1. R. J. Wurtman, M. Cansev, I. H. Ulus
      Pages 443-501
    2. E. Cazzaniga, A. Bulbarelli, M. Masserini
      Pages 503-515
  6. Lipids in Neural Disfunction and Diseases

    1. J. R. Van Brocklyn
      Pages 535-562
    2. D. A. Butterfield, H. M. Abdul
      Pages 563-582
    3. M. Barichella, G. Pezzoli, A. Mauri, C. Savardi
      Pages 583-592
    4. L. Rinaldi, F. Grassivaro, P. Gallo
      Pages 593-602
    5. A. Brand-Yavin, E. Yavin
      Pages 603-630
    6. G. V. Raymond, P. Watkins, S. Steinberg, J. Powers
      Pages 631-670
    7. S. L. Hoops, T. Kolter, K. Sandhoff
      Pages 671-702
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 743-757

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