Mutation Correction by Homologous Recombination with an Adenovirus Vector

  • Ayumi Fujita-Kusano
  • Yasuhiro Naito
  • Izumu Saito
  • Ichizo Kobayashi
Part of the Methods in Molecular Biology™ book series (MIMB, volume 133)


Gene targeting, the designed alteration of genomic information by homologous recombination, has provided a powerful means of genetic analysis of mammalian systems (1). Its wider application, especially to human gene therapy, is, however, hampered by its low level of efficiency. Only a very small fraction of the treated cells will acquire the designed change. The overall inefficiency may result from the rarity of precise homologous recombination and from the low frequency of appropriate gene transfer.


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  • Ayumi Fujita-Kusano
  • Yasuhiro Naito
  • Izumu Saito
  • Ichizo Kobayashi

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