Detection of Glycoproteins in Gels and Blots

  • Nicolle H. Packer
  • Malcolm S. Ball
  • Peter L. Devine
  • Wayne F. Patton
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As we become more aware of the significance of posttranslational modifications, such as glycosylation, in the production of recombinant proteins and in the proteomic studies of development and disease, techniques for the identification and characterization of the oligosaccharides attached to proteins need to be established.


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  • Nicolle H. Packer
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  • Malcolm S. Ball
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  • Peter L. Devine
    • 3
  • Wayne F. Patton
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  2. 2.Co-operative Research Centre for Eye Research TechnologySydneyAustralia
  3. 3.Proteome Systems Ltd.SydneyAustralia
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