Hypodermic Needle Without Recipient Paraffin Block Technique

  • Andréa Rodrigues Cordovil PiresEmail author
  • Simone Rabello de Souza
Part of the Methods in Molecular Biology book series (MIMB, volume 664)


This technique allows building TMA blocks with more than 300 tissue cores without using a recipient paraffin block for the tissue cores and without using a commercial TMA builder instrument. It is based on the construction of TMA needles modifying conventional hypodermic needles to punch tissue cores from donor blocks. Tissue cores are punctured from donor blocks and attached by double-sided adhesive tape on a computer-generated paper grid used to align the cores on the block mold, which is filled with liquid paraffin. TMA blocks constructed using this method can be utilized as positive and negative controls for immunohistochemistry, histochemistry and other techniques, interlaboratory quality control and also in research, but never for diagnosis purposes. This technique has the following advantages: it is easy to reproduce, affordable, quick, and creates uniform blocks with more than 300 cores aligned, at the same plane, adherent, and easy to cut, with negligible losses during conventional cutting and technical procedures.

Key words

Tissue microarray TMA construction Hypodermic needle Quality control Immuno­histochemistry Research 



The authors thank Maurício Vincenzi for the photographs. Financial support was provided by Fonte Medicina Diagnóstica Ltda.


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