Experimental Statistics for Biological Sciences

  • Heejung Bang
  • Marie Davidian
Part of the Methods in Molecular Biology book series (MIMB, volume 620)


In this chapter, we cover basic and fundamental principles and methods in statistics – from “What are Data and Statistics?” to “ANOVA and linear regression,” which are the basis of any statistical thinking and undertaking. Readers can easily find the selected topics in most introductory statistics textbooks, but we have tried to assemble and structure them in a succinct and reader-friendly manner in a stand-alone chapter. This text has long been used in real classroom settings for both undergraduate and graduate students who do or do not major in statistical sciences. We hope that from this chapter, readers would understand the key statistical concepts and terminologies, how to design a study (experimental or observational), how to analyze the data (e.g., describe the data and/or estimate the parameter(s) and make inference), and how to interpret the results. This text would be most useful if it is used as a supplemental material, while the readers take their own statistical courses or it would serve as a great reference text associated with a manual for any statistical software as a self-teaching guide.

Key words

ANOVA correlation data estimation experimental design frequentist hypothesis testing inference regression statistics 

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