Profiling Gene Transcription in the Developing Embryo

Microarray Analysis on Gene Chips
  • David Chambers
  • Andrew Lumsden
Part of the METHODS IN MOLECULAR BIOLOGY™ book series (MIMB, volume 461)

1. Introduction

As a result of whole-genome sequencing and other genetic approaches, microarray-based screening strategies for the first time have allowed genomewide insight into the transcriptional regulatory events of many model organisms. The capacity of current oligonucleotide arrays (i.e., the number of individual transcripts represented on a single chip) along with developments in scanning resolution now mean that entire transcriptomes can be read on a single array. Therefore, it is likely that, as remaining genes are uncovered, annotated, and incorporated into ever-more-comprehensive arrays, microarray screening approaches will become the de facto standard for the interrogation of transcriptional regulation. Considering this, the application of the microarray screening to address fundamental questions of cellular specification or patterning in the developing embryo has been relatively slow to emerge. However, recent studies have demonstrated the usefulness of microarray...


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  • Andrew Lumsden
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