Measuring the Activation of Cell Death Pathways upon Inhibition of Metabolism

  • Franziska Püschel
  • Cristina Muñoz-PinedoEmail author
Part of the Methods in Molecular Biology book series (MIMB, volume 1862)


Nutrient starvation or inhibition of cellular metabolism can induce cancer cell death. This can be measured by a variety of methods. We describe here four simple methods to measure cell death in culture by using microscopy, western blot, and flow cytometry. We also provide tools to differentiate between different forms of cell death like apoptosis and necrosis by using chemical inhibitors.

Key words

Cell death Necrosis Apoptosis Necroptosis 


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  1. 1.Oncobell Program, Cell Death Regulation GroupBellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL)BarcelonaSpain

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