Imaging the Dynamics of Cell Wall Polymer Deposition in the Unicellular Model Plant, Penium margaritaceum

  • David DomozychEmail author
  • Anna Lietz
  • Molly Patten
  • Emily Singer
  • Berke Tinaz
  • Sandra C. Raimundo
Part of the Methods in Molecular Biology book series (MIMB, volume 1563)


The unicellular green alga, Penium margaritaceum, represents a novel and valuable model organism for elucidating cell wall dynamics in plants. This organism’s cell wall contains several polymers that are highly similar to those found in the primary cell walls of land plants. Penium is easily grown in laboratory culture and is effectively manipulated in various experimental protocols including microplate assays and correlative microscopy. Most importantly, Penium can be live labeled with cell wall-specific antibodies or other probes and returned to culture where specific cell wall developmental events can be monitored. Additionally, live cells can be rapidly cryo-fixed and cell wall surface microarchitecture can be observed with variable pressure scanning electron microscopy. Here, we describe the methodology for maintaining Penium for experimental cell wall enzyme studies.

Key words

Live-cell immunolabeling Penium margaritaceum Cell wall Monoclonal antibodies CLSM VP-SEM Enzymes 



This work was supported by NSF grant NSF-MCB-RUI-1517345.


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  • Anna Lietz
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  • Molly Patten
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  • Emily Singer
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  • Berke Tinaz
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  • Sandra C. Raimundo
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