• JoEllyn M. McMillan
  • Xin-Ming Liu
  • Howard E. GendelmanEmail author
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The need for the development of nanomedicines for the treatment of human immunodeficiency viral (HIV) infections is urgent and immediate. To this end, our laboratories have devised the means to utilize mononuclear phagocytes as nanoparticle carriers. Drug nanocarriers are specifically relevant to the central nervous system as they can target sites of inflammation including those contained within a diseased brain and enhance therapeutic efficacy. Nonetheless and despite the promise for HIV infections, nanomedicines have yet to make their mark. This, we posit, will change as translation of nanoformulation technology for clinical therapeutic applications shows its complete potential. This chapter reviews the promise of this technology and outlines in clear form the methods for manufacturing and testing the particles. Such works will have broad applicability beyond viral infections of the nervous system and are particularly relevant for this book series.


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