Microscopy and Imaging Systems

  • Ivan Y. Iourov
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Microscopy is indisputably an essential technique for all laboratories that use fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH). Although visual analysis of FISH results is still used, a growing number of molecular cytogenetic approaches require the application of specific imaging systems. Therefore, these two integral components—microscopy and imaging systems—are discussed here. In order not to replicate the numerous textbooks and manufacturer's brochures that address the fundamentals of microscopy and the potentials of various commercially available imaging systems, this chapter briefly reviews the basic aspects of the imaging process and describes how it is achieved practically. Moreover, the increasing efficiency of FISH-based molecular cytogenetic techniques due to technical developments is discussed.


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The chapter is dedicated to Ilia V Soloviev. I would like to express my gratitude to Prof. Svetlana G Vorsanova (Moscow, Russia) and Prof. Yuri B Yurov (Moscow, Russia) for helping in preparation of this chapter. Our work is supported by Philip Morris USA, Inc.


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