Analytical Chromatography of Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins

  • James L. Dwyer
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A broad range of separatory modes and media are utilized to identify and characterize the polypeptides and amino acids. The analytical chromatography of polypeptides also encompasses various preparative modes, as chromatography is frequently used to isolate materials for other analytical procedures. High molecular weight proteins are separated both in denatured and active configuration states. In this chapter an arbitrary distinction is made between the low molecular weight peptides (<20,000 Da) and the high molecular weight proteins. Both the kinetic and chemical behavior of the polypeptides within the chromatographic environment varies markedly as molecular weight is increased. The chapter is organized according to the principal chromatography modes, with recognition of special considerations that encompass the differences in physical/chemical behavior between small peptides and protein macromolecules.


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