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DRG Neuron/Schwann Cells Myelinating Cocultures

  • Carla TaveggiaEmail author
  • Alessandra BolinoEmail author
Part of the Methods in Molecular Biology book series (MIMB, volume 1791)


Our understanding of the processes controlling peripheral nervous system myelination have been significantly benefited by the development of an in vitro myelinating culture system in which primary Schwann cells are cocultured together with primary sensory neurons. In this chapter, we describe the protocol currently used in our laboratories to establish Schwann cells neuronal myelinating cocultures. We also include a detailed description of the various substrates that can be used to establish it.

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Myelin Schwann cells Dorsal root ganglia sensory neurons Cocultures Peripheral nervous system Development 



We would like to thank Dr. James L. Salzer (New York University) for instrumental training on the world of myelinating Schwann cells neuronal cocultures.

We are also grateful to Dr. Steven Einheber (Hunter College New York), Dr. Angelo Quattrini (San Raffaele Scientific Institute), and Dr. Stefano Previtali (San Raffaele Scientific Institute) for providing pictures and for long-standing collaboration. Finally, we would like to thank present and past members of our laboratories for their many contributions to the studies cited here. Works in A.B. laboratory is supported by Telethon-Italy (GGP12017 and GGP15012A) and the ERA-Net for research programs on rare diseases (E-Rare 2). Works in C.T. laboratory is supported by Telethon Italy (GGP14040 and GGP15012) and the Italian Minister of Health (PE 13-9-T).


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