Recent Protocols on Genetic Transformation of Orchid Species

  • Chia-Wen Li
  • Ming-Tsair ChanEmail author
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Gene transfer technology is an important tool for accelerating the process of breeding. Agrobacterium-mediated genetic transformation method has been applied to commercial orchid species, such as those in the genera Cattleya, Cymbidium, Dendrobium, Oncidium, Phalaenopsis, and Vanda. This chapter describes an efficient selection and plant regeneration protocol for Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of a model orchid, Erycina pusilla. Selection of suitable experimental materials, generation and propagation of explants, and components of the medium used in the serials of transformation procedures are detailed and compared with other orchid transformation protocols. In addition, some tips for improving the transformation efficiency are also included.

Key words

Agrobacterium tumefaciens Erycina pusilla Oncidium orchid Phalaenopsis Protocorm-like body Transformation 



This work was supported by grants from Academia Sinica and the National Science Council of the Republic of China.


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  2. 2.Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center, Academia SinicaTainanRepublic of China

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