Flow Sorting Plant Chromosomes

  • Jan VránaEmail author
  • Petr Cápal
  • Jarmila Číhalíková
  • Marie Kubaláková
  • Jaroslav Doležel
Part of the Methods in Molecular Biology book series (MIMB, volume 1429)


Nuclear genomes of many important plant species are tremendously complicated to map and sequence. The ability to isolate single chromosomes, which represent small units of nuclear genome, is priceless in many areas of plant research including cytogenetics, genomics, and proteomics. Flow cytometry is the only technique which can provide large quantities of pure chromosome fractions suitable for downstream applications including physical mapping, preparation of chromosome-specific BAC libraries, sequencing, and optical mapping. Here, we describe step-by-step procedure of preparation of liquid suspensions of intact mitotic metaphase chromosomes and their flow cytometric analysis and sorting.

Key words

Cell cycle synchronization Chromosome isolation Cytogenetic stocks FISH FISHIS Flow cytometry and sorting Metaphase accumulation Plants 



This work was supported by grant LO1204 from the National Program of Sustainability I. We also thank Ms. Zdeňka Dubská and Ms. Romana Šperková for excellent technical assistance.


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  • Marie Kubaláková
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