Cell Sheet Technology for Cardiac Tissue Engineering

  • Yuji Haraguchi
  • Tatsuya Shimizu
  • Katsuhisa Matsuura
  • Hidekazu Sekine
  • Nobuyuki Tanaka
  • Kenjiro Tadakuma
  • Masayuki Yamato
  • Makoto Kaneko
  • Teruo OkanoEmail author
Part of the Methods in Molecular Biology book series (MIMB, volume 1181)


In this chapter, we describe the methods for the fabrication and transfer/transplantation of 3D tissues by using cell sheet technology for cardiac tissue regeneration. A temperature-responsive culture surface can be fabricated by grafting a temperature-responsive polymer, poly(N-isopropylacrylamide), onto a polystyrene cell culture surface. Cells cultured confluently on such a culture surface can be recovered as an intact cell sheet, and functional three-dimensional (3D) tissues can then be easily fabricated by layering the recovered cell sheets without any scaffolds or complicated manipulation. Cardiac cell sheets, myoblast sheets, mesenchymal stem cell sheets, cardiac progenitor cell sheets, etc., which are prepared from temperature-responsive culture surfaces, can be easily transplanted onto heart tissues of animal models, and those cell sheet constructs enhance the cell transplant efficiency, resulting in the induction of effective therapy.

Key words

Cardiomyocytes Cell sheet engineering Extracellular matrix Temperature-responsive culture surface Three-dimensional tissue Tissue engineering Transplantation 



This work was supported by grants from Formation of Innovation Center for Fusion of Advanced Technologies in the Special Coordination Funds for Promoting Science and Technology “Cell Sheet Tissue Engineering Center (CSTEC)” from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports Science, and Technology (MEXT), Japan, and JSPS through the “Funding Program for World-Leading Innovative R&D on Science and Technology (FIRST Program),” initiated by the Council for Science and Technology Policy (CSTP).

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  • Nobuyuki Tanaka
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  • Masayuki Yamato
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