A Novel Technique for the Detection of LncRNAs on Tissue Sections

  • Andrew E. Massey
  • Manish K. Tripathi
  • Murali M. Yallapu
  • Meena Jaggi
  • Subhash C. ChauhanEmail author
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Long noncoding RNA (LncRNA) is a class of noncoding RNA that typically consists of over 200 nucleotides that do not encode proteins. It is thought that lncRNA accounts for most of the noncoding transcriptome in humans, as tens of thousands of lncRNA transcripts have been identified. However, only a few lncRNAs have been characterized in detail to date. It is known that they act as important regulators of gene expression and are thought to have multiple functions in cellular and developmental processes. In this chapter we will discuss about the technique for detecting lncRNA from tissue section.


LncRNAs Therapeutic target Z-probes 


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  • Manish K. Tripathi
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  • Murali M. Yallapu
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  • Meena Jaggi
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  • Subhash C. Chauhan
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  2. 2.Department of Immunology and Microbiology, School of MedicineUniversity of Texas RioMcAllenUSA

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