Annexin Lectins: Ca2+-Dependent Heparin-Binding Activity, Phosphatidylserine-Binding Activity, and Anticoagulant Activity

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Among numerous heparin-binding proteins identified in animal tissues and body fluids, annexins are unique because their activies depend on their Ca2+ binding. Annexins are known to have other Ca2+-dependent activities. For example, they bind to phosphatidylserine in the plasma membrane, and some of them exhibit potent anticoagulant activity. This chapter describes three protocols that measure the Ca2+-dependent activities using recombinant annexins: solid-phase heparin-binding assay using bovine serum albumin-conjugated heparin, solid-phase phosphatidylserine-binding assay, and plasma coagulation inhibition assay.

Key words

Annexins Anticoagulant activity Glycosaminoglycans Heparin-binding activity Phosphatidylserine-binding activity 


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