AAgAtlas 1.0: A Database of Human Autoantigens Extracted from Biomedical Literature

  • Dan Wang
  • Yupeng Zhang
  • Qing Meng
  • Xiaobo YuEmail author
Part of the Methods in Molecular Biology book series (MIMB, volume 2131)


Autoantibodies are antibodies against host self-proteins (autoantigens), which play significant roles in homeostasis maintenance and diseases with autoimmune disorders. Numerous papers were published in the past decade on the identification of human autoantigens in different human diseases. However, there is no consensus collection with all the reported autoantigens yet. To address this need, previously we developed a human autoantigen database, AAgAtlas 1.0, by text-mining and manual curation, which collects 1126 autoantigens associated with 1071 human diseases. AAgAtlas 1.0 provides a user-friendly interface to conveniently browse, retrieve, and download human autoantigen genes, their functional annotation, related diseases, and the evidence from the literature. AAgAtlas is freely available online In this chapter, we make an introduction and provide a guide to the users of AAgAtlas 1.0 database.

Key words

Database Autoantibody Autoantigen Autoimmune disease Cancer Biomarker Diagnosis Therapeutic treatment 



This work was supported by the Chinese National Major Project for New Drug Innovation (2018ZX09733003), National Key Basic Research Project (2018YFA0507503, 2017YFC0906703), National Natural Science Foundation of China (81673040 and 31870823), State Key Laboratory of Proteomics (SKLP-O201703 and SKLP-K201505), and Capital’s Funds for Health Improvement and Research (2018-2-4034).


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  1. 1.State Key Laboratory of Proteomics, Beijing Proteome Research Center, National Center for Protein Sciences-Beijing (PHOENIX Center)Beijing Institute of LifeomicsBeijingChina

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