Plant Systematics and Evolution

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Continuous Article Publishing

As of 2020, Plant Systematics and Evolution will change its publication structure from paginated issues to a consecutive publishing model: Continuous Article Publishing.

This means that papers are published in a volume/issue immediately after acceptance. As a further aspect of the new system, articles are no longer paginated sequentially by issue. Therefore, every article starts with page number 1. Page numbers are not used for article citation but every article has a citation ID number, called the ArticleCitationID. The ArticleCitationID is replacing the page numbers in the citation line.

Example: Plant Syst Evol (2020) 306: 123

This method of citation is accepted by the Web of Science/Journal Citation Reports (ISI).

As a result, all articles will have their full and final citation information available as soon as the production process is complete. This change will not affect the production time from acceptance to online publication of an article, but since the articles will be published online immediately in their final form, the overall publication time for articles will become shorter.

Plant Systematics and Evolution is an international journal dedicated to publication of original papers, reviews, new methods and resources, short communications and special thematic issues on plant systematics in the broadest sense. The journal aims to bridge the specific subject areas in plant systematics and evolution, encompassing evolutionary, phylogenetic, genomic and biogeographical studies. Taxonomic emphasis is on all land plant groups including fungi and lichens.

Fields of interest: plant systematics and taxonomy, plant evolution, biodiversity, genetics, genome evolution, comparative and evolutionary genomics, genome sequencing, bioinformatics, population genetics, reproductive biology, ecology, biogeography, palaeobotany, ultrastructure, cytology, anatomy, palynology, and plant development.

Plant Systematics and Evolution publishes original articles, review articles, invited review articles, and short communications. The journal does not levy page charges and provides free color in print.

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