Mathematics of Control, Signals, and Systems

ISSN: 0932-4194 (Print) 1435-568X (Online)


MCSS is an international journal devoted to mathematical control and system theory, including system theoretic aspects of signal processing.

Its unique feature is its focus on mathematical system theory; it concentrates on the mathematical theory of systems with inputs and/or outputs and dynamics that are typically described by deterministic or stochastic ordinary or partial differential equations, differential algebraic equations or difference equations.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to controllability, observability, and realization theory, stability theory of nonlinear systems, system identification, mathematical aspects of switched, hybrid, networked, and stochastic systems, and system theoretic aspects of optimal control and other controller design techniques. Application oriented papers are welcome if they contain a significant theoretical contribution.

The editorial policy of MCSS is to publish original and high quality research papers which contain a substantial mathematical contribution. Mathematically oriented survey papers on topics of exceptional interest to the systems and control community will also be considered.

Papers which merely apply known mathematical techniques, present algorithms without a mathematical analysis or only describe simulation studies are usually not published. MCSS publishes neither brief papers nor technical notes.

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