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Aims and scope

MRS Advances provides a forum for materials researchers to rapidly publish scientifically sound and technically accurate snapshots of significant advances in materials research communities.  MRS Advances publishes short (≈1500-3500 word) reports with a focus on reporting new results and insights. MRS Advances solicits papers in areas of research represented by active communities within MRS, including:
  • Advanced Processing and Manufacturing of Materials
  • Electronic, Optical, and Magnetic Devices and Materials
  • Energy and Environmental Materials Research
  • Innovations in Materials Characterization Techniques
  • Materials Design and Discovery
  • Materials Education Advances and Societal Impacts
  • Mechanical Behavior; Mechanisms and Testing
  • Nanomaterials Processing, Structure, and Properties
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Soft and Biomaterials
  • Sustainable Applications
  • Theory, Simulation, and Modeling of Materials
In addition to the broad materials research categories noted above, MRS Advances also solicits papers for individual topical issues edited by subject matter experts. MRS Advances ensures rapid dissemination to a worldwide audience of academic researchers, industry, government research institutions, and students. MRS Advances editors and reviewers judge papers primarily by their scientific validity and impact within a materials community, not their perception of future significance across the entire breadth of the materials field, ensuring the materials research community has a source for the most up-to-date results impacting specific existing and emerging fields.