Evolutionary, Comparative and Functional Morphology

ISSN: 0720-213X (Print) 1432-234X (Online)


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The journal Zoomorphology publishes original research papers based on morphological investigation of invertebrates and vertebrates, reviews designed as comparative surveys summarizing current knowledge from an evolutionary perspective and method papers presenting new approaches or reviews on methods used in animal morphology. Coverage spans the macroscopic, microscopic and ultrastructural levels, including embryological studies.

The journal places special emphasis on:

Comparison - Studies comparing morphological and anatomical structures in an evolutionary context

Function - Studies relating structure and function

Integration - Studies on the relation between structural-functional systems of animals and their general biology

Evolution - Studies on the evolution of morphological and anatomical structures on the basis of sound phylogenies

Development - Studies on the spatiotemporal formation of morphological and anatomical structures

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