Tropical Ecology

ISSN: 0564-3295 (Print) 2661-8982 (Online)


Tropical Ecology is an official journal of the International Society for Tropical Ecology (ISTE), established in the year 1960. The Society has membership across the world and represents scientist working in the area of tropical ecology, conservation and ecosystem management.  

Tropical Ecology is devoted to all aspects of fundamental and applied ecological research in tropical and sub-tropical ecosystems. Nevertheless, the cutting-edge research in new ecological concepts, methodology and reviews on contemporary themes, not necessarily confined to tropics and sub-tropics, may also be considered for publication at the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief. Areas of current interest include: Biological diversity and its management; Conservation and restoration ecology; Human ecology; Ecological economics; Ecosystem structure and functioning; Ecosystem services; Ecosystem sustainability; Stress and disturbance ecology; Ecology of global change; Ecological modelling; Evolutionary ecology; Quantitative ecology; and Social ecology.

The Journal Tropical Ecology features a distinguished editorial board, working on various ecological aspects of tropical and sub-tropical systems from diverse continents. 

Tropical Ecology publishes

·         Original research papers

·         Short communications

·         Reviews and Mini-reviews on topical themes

·         Scientific correspondence

·         Book Reviews

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