Multiscale Science and Engineering

ISSN: 2524-4515 (Print) 2524-4523 (Online)


Multiscale Science and Engineering is a peer-reviewed, international journal that is aimed at promoting the communication and discussion of multiscale and multiphysics-related engineering. Multiscale Science and Engineering can be a home for scientists, researchers, and professionals who are interested in the multiscale (and/or multiphysics) science and engineering with interdisciplinary academic backgrounds including, but not limited to, mechanics, materials, physics, chemistry (coupled with mechanics or physics), biology (coupled with mechanics or physics), and computational engineering/science.

Multiscale Science and Engineering publishes review articles and original research articles whose topical scopes include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Multiscale and multiphysics-related engineering applications
  • Multiscale behavior, properties, and characterization
  • Multiscale modeling and simulations
  • Multiphysics phenomena (e.g. optomechanics, chemomechanics, fluid-structure interaction, electromechanics, etc.)
  • Nanoscale systems and materials
  • Biology and mechanics (e.g. cell mechanics, protein mechanics, DNA mechanics, tissue mechanics, etc.)
  • Micro/meso/small-scale mechanics
  • Multiscale/multiphysics inverse problems

Multiscale Science and Engineering
publishes a mix of review articles and original research articles, which are written based on computational and/or experimental research works. Multiscale Science and Engineering offers scientists, researchers, and professionals an opportunity to increase the visibility of their works in the community.

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