Aerospace Systems

ISSN: 2523-3947 (Print) 2523-3955 (Online)


AEROSPACE SYSTEMS provides an international, peer-reviewed forum which focuses on system-level research and development regarding aeronautics and astronautics. The journal emphasizes the unique role and increasing importance of informatics on aerospace. It fills a gap in current publishing coverage from outer space vehicles to atmospheric vehicles by highlighting interdisciplinary science, technology and engineering.


Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

-           Trans-space vehicle systems design and integration

-           Air vehicle systems

-           Space vehicle systems

-           Near-space vehicle systems

-           Aerospace robotics and unmanned system

-           Communication, navigation and surveillance 

-           Aerodynamics and aircraft design

-           Dynamics and control 

-           Aerospace propulsion 

-           Avionics system

-           Opto-electronic system

-           Air traffic management 

-           Earth observation

-           Deep space exploration

-           Bionic micro-aircraft/spacecraft

-           Intelligent sensing and Information fusion 

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