Journal for STEM Education Research

ISSN: 2520-8705 (Print) 2520-8713 (Online)


The Journal for STEM Education Research is an interdisciplinary journal in subject content education focusing on research in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, which promotes the development of STEM education research as a distinct field. The Journal provides a platform for sharing research in a broad spectrum of topics in STEM education. Sample topics include the study of students’ cognitive and non-cognitive development in and through STEM education, in formal or informal settings, at PreK-16 levels. Other sample research topics include factors associated with students’ learning and psychological development in integrated STEM education such as curriculum models, innovative pedagogies, the design of and practices within technology-rich learning environments, the nature and development of teachers’ expertise in STEM education, teacher education for effective instruction in STEM, and assessment.

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