The Journal of Basic and Applied Zoology

ISSN: 2090-990X (Online)


The Journal of Basic and Applied Zoology (JOBAZ) is a peer-reviewed, open access Journal.
JOBAZ is under the responsibility of The Egyptian German Society for Zoology.


Physiology and Ecology publishes original articles concerned with the study of the different physiological processes such as circulation, excretion, endocrinology, neurobiology, enzymology, nutrition, metabolism, immunology, as well as mechanisms of toxicity, regulatory mechanisms and ecological physiology

Vertebrate Anatomy and Embryology publishes studies that deal with adaptational mechanisms and evolutionary principles of development, molecular taxonomy and teratogenicity, As well as biodiversity and fish biology

Cell Biology and Genetics covers studies in molecular cell biology, genetics, and epigenetics, as well as cancer biology

Invertebrates and Parasitology publishes articles in advanced researches in both fields of invertebrates, parasitology and related subjects

Entomology covers all fields of entomological research from the basic and experimental to the applied.

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