Life Cycle Reliability and Safety Engineering

ISSN: 2520-1352 (Print) 2520-1360 (Online)


Extensive work is being performed world over on assessment of Reliability and Safety for engineering systems in support of decisions. The increasing number of risk-based / risk-informed applications being developed world over is a testimony to the growth of this field. Here, along with probabilistic methods, deterministic methods including Physics-of-Failure based approach is playing an important role. The International Journal of Life Cycle Reliability and Safety Engineering provides a unique medium for researchers and academicians to contribute articles based on their R&D work, applied work and review work, in the area of Reliability, Safety and related fields. Articles based on technology development will also be published as Technical Notes. Review articles on Books published in the subject area of the journal will also form part of the publication. Society for Reliability and Safety has been actively working for developing means and methods for improving system reliability. Publications of quarterly News Letters and this journal are some of the areas the society is vigorously pursuing for societal benefits. Manuscript in the subject areas can be communicated to the Chief Editors. Manuscript will be reviewed by the experts in the respective area of the work and comments will be communicated to the corresponding author. The reviewed final manuscript will be published and the author will be communicated the publication details. Instruction for preparing the manuscript has been given on inside page of the end cover page of each issue. The rights of publication rest with the Chief-Editors.

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