Journal of Cultural Cognitive Science

ISSN: 2520-100X (Print) 2520-1018 (Online)


This journal covers major topics related to cognition, culture, and brain and the interface of those broad subjects, publishing articles that probe cognitive processes such as attention, perception, language, memory, and decision making as well as current trends in anthropology, education, and artificial intelligence.

Emphasis is placed on the cognitive prerequisites and consequences of bi-, tri- and multilingualism in different cultures; literacy; poverty; socioeconomic status; and culture on cognition.

The coverage encompasses all major research areas of cognitive science, including Psychology, Cognitive neuroscience, Linguistics, Computational modeling, Anthropology, Education, Evolutionary/genetic approaches, Philosophy of mind, Artificial intelligence and more.

International in scope, the journal presents research articles that seek rigorous answers to its core themes, and thought-provoking theoretical articles that challenge prevailing views and explore new directions.

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