Process Integration and Optimization for Sustainability

ISSN: 2509-4238 (Print) 2509-4246 (Online)


This journal is an interdisciplinary platform for information on innovation, research, development and demonstration in the areas of resource conservation, optimal use of various resources, analysis and optimization of various systems and processes, reduction and mitigation of environmental pollutions, and overall sustainable developments. It provides an international forum to researchers, policy makers, decision makers, managers, consultants, and planners to publish, learn, and discuss about various aspects related to Process Integration and Optimization. The breadth of coverage ranges from various optimization and system analysis methods (such as mathematical programming, pinch analysis, P-graphs, heuristics based approaches, decision analysis, fuzzy optimization, etc.) to applications, innovations, and methodological developments for resource conservation.

This journal publishes the following types of contributions:

Original research papers that propose novel methodology

Review articles providing surveys and critical appraisal of developments in a specific topic of interest

Short communications describing initial research findings of potential significance, or substantive comments on previously published papers

Short technical notes that focus on the implementation of established methodology (e.g., industrial case studies/success stories; software tools)

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