Higher Education Policy

ISSN: 0952-8733 (Print) 1740-3863 (Online)


This international, peer-reviewed journal focuses on issues of significance in higher education policy. The journal, Higher Education Policy, publishes original analyses, whether theoretical, empirical or practice-based. The range of coverage extends from case studies of developments in individual institutions, to broad examination of policy-making at the system, national and regional levels.

The journal addresses wide-scale issues in higher education, including analysis of educational policy harmonization; student engagement; funding of higher education; counseling and mental health issues in higher education; higher education development and economic growth and more. In addition, the journal offers articles that focus closely on such topics as: the audit culture and academic production; reputation management in university organizations; and parental notification policies and practices.

Higher Education Policy assembles special issues which devote coverage to a single subject. Recent specials have addressed: Measuring Up: Consequences of Global Competition and Metrics on Local Scholarship; Critical and Alternative Perspectives on Student Engagement; Higher Education Research in East Asia; and Early Career Researchers and Changing Working Conditions in Academia.

The journal reaches an international audience which includes researchers specializing in higher education, and policy-makers, administrators, managers and practitioners working in the higher education field.

Higher Education Policy is the quarterly journal of the International Association of Universities (IAU).

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