The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance - Issues and Practice

ISSN: 1018-5895 (Print) 1468-0440 (Online)


This journal presents papers intended to advance scientific knowledge of the insurance industry as well as to stimulate dialogue between the insurance industry and its economic and social partners everywhere.

The flagship of the Geneva Association since 1976, the Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance often publishes single focus special issues which offer in-depth discussion of issues of current importance. These include such topics as Risk Sharing and Insurance for Catastrophic Events; Health; Microinsurance; and Longevity.

The coverage touches on a wide range of topics including climate change and natural disaster risk-sharing systems; the impact of insurance payouts on small-scale farmers; redesigning social security; guarantee structures in life annuities and more.

The journal informs and inspires discussion among a worldwide readership of insurance academics and researchers, and their colleagues who work in the insurance industry, and along with professionals in other spheres of business who desire deeper insight into strategic options for their business sector.

The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance currently has two open special issue calls for papers:

  • Trust in Insurance
  • Cyber Risk and Insurance

For more information, please see the full calls for papers here:

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