Journal of the Operational Research Society

ISSN: 0160-5682 (Print) 1476-9360 (Online)


This journal presents papers that examine every aspect of the theory, practice, history and methodology of Operational Research.

Published for more than 65 years, the Journal of the Operational Research Society (JORS) has earned its position as a high-impact vehicle for dissemination of the latest innovations in operational research, and discussion of theoretical and practical research and innovation.

The journal examines real-world applications of operational research, among them forecasting, inventory, investment, location, logistics, maintenance, packing, purchasing, production, project management, reliability and scheduling. The coverage spans a range of environments from manufacturing to mining, sports, transportation, finance, government and health services. The journal explores a variety of technical approaches, including multi-criteria decision methods, heuristics, decision support systems, and simulation. Because operational research is mainly an applied science, high-quality case studies are prominent in the articles published by the journal.

Published 12 times a year, JORS is the flagship journal of the Operational Research Society.

The journal is a well-established source of information that benefits a worldwide audience of practitioners, researchers, consumers, teachers and students of operational research.

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