Journal of Brand Management

ISSN: 1350-231X (Print) 1479-1803 (Online)


This journal publishes original articles, industry-based case studies and expert commentary on wide-ranging topics relating to brand management research and practice.

The Journal of Brand Management has established itself as the leading authoritative journal on brand management and strategy. It considers all dimensions of this fast-evolving field, drawing together cutting-edge analysis and the latest thinking from leading International experts in academia and industry.

The journal shows how leading companies manage their brands, and explores contemporary techniques and practices of brand management agencies and consultants. Case studies examine the experience of prominent organizations, describing problems encountered and lessons learned. Also included is applied research from business schools, universities and think tanks.

The range of coverage is broad and deep. Among the basics addressed are elements such as logo, naming and packaging; branding and technology; innovation and R&D. Research and analysis are also examined, including brand research methods; brand metrics and analytics; qualitative and quantitative brand research; brand architecture and portfolios. 

Management topics include brand extension and growth; brand alliances and mergers; corporate brand management; brand co-creation; and integrated brand communication.

The journal offers expert views on building, maintaining and defending a brand, with coverage including brand valuation; brand equity; brand heritage and history; brand reputation, identity and image; brand credibility and trust, and other topics.

Important governance and legal issues are explored including brand ethics and corporate social responsibility; brand crises; brand and law; and brand counterfeits.

The Journal of Brand Management also discusses the theory and practice of branding for specific markets and applications. Topics include online branding and online brand community; luxury branding; business-to-business branding; product branding vs service branding; retail branding; private label branding; and branding for non-profit organizations.

The journal regularly publishes special issues focused on a single theme, issue or subject.

The Journal of Brand Management is essential reading for brand strategists in private and public sector organizations, and academics in universities and business schools; brand researchers; business development executives; attorneys specializing in intellectual property and patents; and more.

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