Journal of Human Rights and Social Work

ISSN: 2365-1792 (Online)


Focusing on human rights practice, this peer-reviewed journal is a resource for educators, practitioners, and administrators in the field of social work. The journal provides research-based human rights tools, theoretical discussions of human rights, as well as guidelines for improving practice.

Journal of Human Rights and Social Work (JHRW) brings together knowledge about addressing human rights in practice, research, policy, and advocacy as well as teaching about human rights from around the globe. Articles explore the history of social work as a human rights profession, familiarize participants on how to advance human rights using the human rights documents from the United Nations, present the types of monitoring and assessment that takes place internationally and within the U.S., demonstrate rights-based practice approaches and techniques, and facilitate discussion of the implications of human rights tools and the framework for social work practice.

If you are planning to submit to JHRW, please ensure that your article does not exceed 8,000 words.

JHRW also welcomes papers for its special section "Human Rights in Action." This section features shorter articles (less than 3,000 words total) that are intended to share emerging knowledge. Examples include commentaries on social issues, preliminary research findings, or practice-based knowledge. Other than the length, submission format for these articles should meet the same criteria as full-length articles.

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