The Journal of Arctic Geosciences

ISSN: 2364-9453 (Print) 2364-9461 (Online)


This international journal of Geosciences publishes original research articles from the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions. Coverage extends to research in all scientific disciplines of Geosciences, including Geomorphology and Cenozoic-Quaternary Geology; Geology and Petrology; Arctic Petroleum Geology; Geochemistry; Solid Earth Geophysics and Seismology; Glaciology and Sea Ice Research, Atmospheric Science and Meteorology; Oceanography and Paleo Oceanography; Climatology and Paleo Climatology; Paleo Biology; Studies on Meteorites recovered from the Arctic. The journal promotes the exchange of scientific knowledge about the Arctic across all disciplines of Geosciences, to support Arctic research and to foster international collaboration among polar science communities.

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