Food Ethics

A Journal of the Societies for Agricultural and Food Ethics

ISSN: 2364-6853 (Print) 2364-6861 (Online)


Permanent free access to all articles published in 2016 and 2017.

The journal is a global forum for academic discussions on food ethics. As a consequence it is trans-, multi- and interdisciplinary, as well as non-partisan and cross-cultural. Thematically the journal spans the whole value chain from producer to consumer, including important agents such as processing industry and retailers. It covers all aspects related to the production and consumption of human food, and it has a focus on the utilization of seafood, crops and plants, and animals. Environmental issues such as the sustainable use of land areas and the natural resources, e.g. freshwater, are included in the thematic focus, and special attention is given to the development and use of modern technology, e.g. biotechnology, as a way to improve global food security.  Attention is also paid to issues like animal welfare and fair trade, as well as just and democratic governance of the value chains. Food security, food safety and sovereignty, rights and responsibilities, as well as cultural determinants and frameworks of understanding food are natural thematic focal points.

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