Innovative Engineering for Global Challenges

ISSN: 2520-8497 (Print) 2520-8063 (Online)


Polytechnica promotes a new perspective on research, committed to the development of new top-down engineering approaches. Dedicated to exploring paradigm shifts that could potentially change the future of technology and humankind, Polytechnica presents multi- and interdisciplinary studies that conjoin engineering with communications, the human sciences, natural sciences, and health studies.


The journal publishes authoritative research that addresses current challenges and new trends in engineering, and that combines problem analysis with state-of-the-art solutions to address society’s problems. Each issue focuses on a specific problem of global impact, taking an interdisciplinary perspective, and applying emerging technologies.


Polytechnica offers a fresh and valuable source of information for students, researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, and all those committed to the advancement of engineering.