Asia-Pacific Science Education

ISSN: 2364-1177 (Online)


Asia-Pacific Science Education (APSE) publishes papers examining on-going educational issues associated with science learning and teaching in the Asia-Pacific region as well as research involving Asian-Pacific students and teacher populations in other areas of the world. APSE seeks to provide researchers with a central channel for disseminating research about issues in science education in the Asia-Pacific region to both the regional and international research community. Hence, scholarly works of interest need to encompass the wide diversity of the journal’s readership. An explanation of the context of the work and its significance are expected for readers who may be unfamiliar with the work’s local or regional context. Additionally, APSE supports executive summaries written in the local language in addition to English abstracts in order to increase accessibility to non-English-speaking populations and to expand the readership of APSE. In an effort to expand and strengthen science education research in the Asia-Pacific region, the Editors and Editorial Board members of APSE offer a unique mentoring model to support first time researchers through the manuscript submission and review process. APSE is dedicated to developing future generations of science education scholars in Asia-Pacific region, as well as to providing a home for established researchers to continue to build a strong foundation for educational research in science in the region.

APSE’s scope is broad in both methodology and content. APSE is interested in research conducted at all levels, including early childhood, primary, secondary, tertiary, workplace, and informal learning as they relate to science education. Research can take various methodological approaches, including qualitative research designs (e.g., ethnography, narratives, case studies, historical/philosophical approaches, etc.) as well as quantitative research designs (e.g., quasi-experimental design, correlation study, hierarchical linear model, etc.). APSE also publishes theoretical papers, position papers, and critical reviews of literature on emerging issues in the field of science education in Asia-Pacific region.

APSE is one of the journals associated with the Korean Association for Science Education (KASE), which was founded in 1976 and is one of the oldest associations for science education in Asia. KASE’s history and location in the Asia-Pacific region positions APSE to be a welcoming home for local researchers who want to share their unique cultural perspectives on science education with a global audience.

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