Current Landscape Ecology Reports

ISSN: 2364-494X (Online)


This journal synthesizes the most significant developments in current landscape ecology research, highlighting both important areas of consensus, and important areas of current debate to underline major findings and delineate the edges of the discipline.


Coverage includes these topics and more: causes and consequences of landscape change; the interaction of landscape ecology and natural resources management; landscape design and planning for ecological outcomes; key methodological developments in landscape ecology; spatial scaling issues in landscape ecology; the spread of undesired species and processes; and ecosystem service provision and human wellbeing; and the effects of landscape structure on species and biodiversity conservation.

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Latest Articles

  1. No Access

    Interface of Landscape Ecology and Conservation Biology (J Watling, SECTION EDITOR)

    Topical Collection

    Meta-analysis on a Decade of Testing Corridor Efficacy: What New Have we Learned?

    Julian Resasco (September 2019)

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    Landscape Ecology of Aquatic Systems (K Hovel, SECTION EDITOR)

    Topical Collection

    Landscape Ecology in the Rocky Intertidal: Opportunities for Advancing Discovery and Innovation in Intertidal Research

    Corey Garza (September 2019)

  3. No Access

    Interface of Landscape Ecology and Natural Resource Management (Y Wiersma and N Koper, SECTION EDITOR)

    Topical Collection

    Anthropogenic Landscape Changes and Their Impacts on Terrestrial and Freshwater Soundscapes

    R. Proulx, J. Waldinger, N. Koper (September 2019)