Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Modern Processes

ISSN: 2198-7874 (Online)


Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Modern Processes, a fully open access journal published under the brand SpringerOpen, publishes and disseminates results of current analytical, experimental and numerical research in the broad area of mechanics of advanced materials, with a special emphasis on underpinning interrelations between physics of deformation, damage and fracture with mechanics of manufacturing processes.
The journal publishes original research papers of interest to applied mathematicians, physicists, materials scientists and researchers from academia and industry, as well as to R&D engineers involved with problems of mechanics and manufacturing of advanced materials.
Authors are encouraged to submit contributions on the topics ranging from structural analysis, mechanical, microstructural and physical characterization of advanced materials to processing techniques and manufacturing of components and structures made of such materials. The following topics are relevant to contents:
• Experimental Mechanics
• Mechanical and Physical Properties of Advanced Materials
• Microstructure-properties Relationships
• Damage and Fracture
• Fracture Mechanics and Structural Integrity
• Multi-Scale and Multi-Physics Material Analysis
• Mechanics and Simulation of Manufacturing Processes
• Design methods
• Materials forming
• Manufacturing Techniques and Technologies
• Structural topology

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