Environmental Processes

An International Journal

ISSN: 2198-7491 (Print) 2198-7505 (Online)


Environmental Processes covers: processes related to the interactions of the water, air-atmosphere, and soil-sediment environments with the humans and the biosphere; environmental flow processes, hydrodynamics and hydrology; pollutant physical, chemical and biological processes, including pollutant sources and origin, fate, dispersion and degradation, transport, deposition and accumulation, and impacts on human health and environmental quality; interaction processes between the social, cultural, economic and natural environments; evaluation of currently applied and new proposed technologies for pollutant treatment and the protection of the environment; testing of currently used and new proposed monitoring, instrumentation and analysis techniques related to the environmental processes; educational, regulatory, and research needs on environmental processes and protection.

Peer review is conducted using Editorial Manager®, supported by a database of  international experts. This database is shared with the journal, Water Resources Management.

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