Allergo Journal International

Interdisciplinary Journal of Allergy, Clinical Immunology and Environmental Medicine

ISSN: 2197-0378 (Online)


Allergo Journal International is the official Journal of the German Society for Allergology and Clinical Immunology (DGAKI) and of the Medical Association of German Allergologists [Ärzteverband der Deutschen Allergologen (ÄDA)].

The aim of Allergo Journal International is to provide state of the art information for all medical and scientific disciplines that deal with allergic, immunological and environmental diseases. Allergo Journal International publishes original articles, reviews, case reports, guidelines and position papers in German and English. The articles cover topics such as allergic, immunological and environmental diseases, the latest developments in diagnosis & therapy and current research work concerning antigens and allergens and aspects related to occupational and environmental medicine. The quality of the contributions is guaranteed by an international board of editors and a peer review proccess involving at least two reviewers.

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