Quantum Studies: Mathematics and Foundations

ISSN: 2196-5609 (Print) 2196-5617 (Online)


Quantum Studies: Mathematics and Foundations promotes a deeper understanding of all fundamental aspects of quantum theory and bridges between theoretical questions, foundational issues, mathematical methods and the continuing evolution of quantum physics. The emphasis is on mathematical methods and insights that lead to better understanding of the paradoxical aspects of quantum physics and to its expansion into new domains.

The journal benefits physicists, mathematicians and philosophers of science who share an interest in the fundamental aspects of Quantum theory.

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Quantum Stud.: Math. Found.
1 volume per year, 4 issues per volume
approx. 400 pages per volume
Format: 19.3 x 26 cm
ISSN 2196-5609 (print)
ISSN 2196-5617 (electronic)

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