Current Transplantation Reports

ISSN: 2196-3029 (Online)


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Current Transplantation Reports provide an in-depth review of topics related to kidney, liver, and pancreatic transplantation in addition to immunology and composite allografts.

 Under the guidance of its editor, Dr. Dorry Segev of Johns Hopkins University Surgery, the journal invites international authorities to contribute review articles that examine new developments and recently published papers of significance, highlighted by annotated reference lists. 

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Latest Articles

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    Tissue Engineering and Regeneration (J Wertheim, Section Editor)

    Topical Collection

    Biosynthetic Tubules: Multiscale Approaches to Kidney Engineering

    Sophia Szymkowiak, David Kaplan (September 2019)

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    Machine Preservation of the Liver (C Miller and C. Quintini, Section Editors)

    Topical Collection

    Kidney Machine Preservation: State of the Art

    Laura Ioana Mazilescu, Markus Selzner (September 2019)

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    Kidney Transplantation (M Henry and R Pelletier, Section Editors)

    Topical Collection

    mTOR Inhibitor in Combination with Cyclosporine as Primary Maintenance Immunosuppression in Combined Kidney/Pancreas Transplant Recipients

    Amer Rajab, Ronald P. Pelletier (September 2019)